WD40 Oil Aerosol

WD40 Oil

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  • In aerosol can to spray WD-40 largely and precisely thanks to red straw!
  • With the small format aerosol can, you can use WD-40 wherever you go!
  • All of the handy uses in one small can: the WD-40 Handy Can is always ready to tackle your toughest jams!
  • The Smart Straw provides you a clever dual action spray that delivers outstanding versatility and performance. With its permanently attached spray mechanism, it offers a quick, economical and simple one-handed action to flip up for precision spray, and then flip down to spray wide areas.
  • What's more, there are no lost straws!
  • With the bulk, all of your heavy-duty corrosion protection and degreasing needs are covered.


Protects from rust and corrosion, penetrate stuck or jammed parts, displace moisture, lubricate just about anything or clean grease, grime, and other marks, WD-40 is the multipurpose for multiproblems.

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